zondag 20 november 2011

The Capgemini Oracle BPM/Case management Blog index

Capgemini has been sharing the last couple of years quite a bit around Oracle BPM. I'll keep this post as an index towards these blogs and presentations.

Presentations & White papers

Case Management with Oracle white paper (2014, Léon Smiers)

2013, Léon Smiers, Nicholas Kitson, Oracle Open World

Presentation around the Stedin Work Management Case
2011, Léon Smiers/Björn Ampting, Oracle Open World

Oracle SOA and E2.0 Parner Community Forum, BPM
(2011 Léon Smiers)

Capgemini on Oracle BPM
(2010 Léon Smiers Youtube)


Oracle Business Analytic Monitoring (BAM) 12C, an excellent product improved (2014, Léon Smiers)

Implementing deadline functionality with Oracle Adaptive Case Management (2014 Léon Smiers, Mark Kuijpers)

Case Management support re-landscaping (2013, Léon Smiers)

The Oracle Case management API (2013, Koen van Dijk)

Oracle Policy Automation in a web service environment: making the most of time based reasoning (Els Booij 2013)

Oracle Policy Automation in a web service environment: performance versus traceability (2013, Els Booij)

An Introduction to Oracle Case Management (2013 Léon Smiers)

Oracle Process Accelerators … the path to process excellence … faster! (2012, Andrew Richards) 

Capgemini NL is officially Specialized by Oracle in BPM (2012, Martijn van der Kamp)

Oracle BPM: Suspend and alter process (2012, Martijn van der Kamp)

How Data and BPM are married to get the right information to the right people at the right time (Léon Smiers, 2012)

Designing Business Agility with Oracle Process Composer (2012, Léon Smiers)

Measuring the Human Task activity in Oracle BPM (2011 Léon Smiers)

The importance of Data in Process Modeling(2011 Léon Smiers)

Oracle BAM – Look before you leap (2011 Martijn van der Kamp, Jan Willem Pas)

BPM or BPEL, that is the question (2011 Léon Smiers)

Enhance your business with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (2011 Martijn van der Kamp)

Shifting towards ‘build-to-change’ processes, where’s the flexibility (2011 Léon Smiers)

Oracle BPM Suite, The importance of sub-processes within BPMN20 (2010 Léon Smiers)

Oracle BPM 11g less is more (2010 Léon Smiers) 


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