woensdag 17 december 2008

The Quest for the Crane

Once in a while there something which really makes you tick.
Six months ago I went out to do some running, it went bad, so at the end I was in a bad mood. When I wanted to drive back, the road was blocked by birdwatchers, but even though I like bird watching, I was annoyed by them and didn't care about the bird they were looking at. Back home I checked a bird watcher site and realised that it was about a Crane (grus grus), a very rare bird in The Netherlands. I went back but then, of course the crane was gone. Slowly I started getting the crane fever. I started studying web material and books. The biggest chance of spotting one is in the migrating season, from October to December, but when you study the statistics, Cranes are spotted in peaks, hundreds to thousands in one day and zero the day after, and mostly in the south and east of The Netherlands, not my region...
So I kept an eye on the spotting sites, and went out hiking, but apart from a nice walk, no result.
The last week however a Crane was spotted in the Rosmalen region, so I took a 'sebatical afternoon' and went out looking. And fortunately luck was with me, so the Quest for the Crane was completed. In the picture above it is the beautifull purple bird in the middle.

The only thing now is that I don't think the fever now is over...

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