woensdag 7 januari 2009

Plea for standardization on consumer good chargers!

Once a month I do some travelling. Whether it be for business or fun I usually carry around my gear I need, laptop(s), phone, eBook reader, IPod, camera etc. All these appliances need to be charged once so may days. No problem with that, but what annoys me is that EVERY appliance needs a DIFFERENT charger in different type, size and weight. It gets even worse, there is no charger that I can reuse! And when I travel from country to country I also need adapters for power plugs, and even sometimes, adapters for adapters. The whole IT world has been buzzing about SOA talk (Service Oriented Architecture) with the basis that everything should be based upon Open Standards. But when you look at the basic infrastructure for consumer goods, every brand delivers it's own type of charger. What is the problem with defining a standard for charging consumer goods? Let's apply the SOA principles also here! It will save me (and all other travelers around the world) from carrying around a surplus of wires, adapters and chargers.

Thanks in advance!

2 opmerkingen:

James Ray zei

You are so right about the need! Chargers Unite, PLEASE!

Leon Smiers zei

'European Union officials reached a deal with ten of the world's leading mobile-phone makers Monday to introduce a universal charger for smart phones as of next year.'


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