dinsdag 17 februari 2009

The Data Refinery

Two years ago I was involved in a RFID project in the logistics market in joint Capgemini and Oracle effort. Based upon the EPCIS Architecture we had to combine movement data of crates between different storage facilities and stores. Without going into details about the case, on the technology side the biggest challenge in RFID is in the huge amount of data and how to get data out which makes sense for a particular use case. We came up with a division of the life cycle of RFID data in three main segments (in discussion with Ard Jan Vethman) (1) In real time (within seconds), you want direct actions, a crate is entering a room where it is not supposed/expected to. (2) In short term (hours, days, weeks, depending on the business case), you want to perform actions based upon a condition based upon multiple measurements. for instance when a shipment of fresh food between a factory and a warehouse normally takes 4 hours, you want to send an an alert when the shipment takes a day. (3) In longer term (more then weeks), you want to see how your processes are optimized against the measurement which are received. You can look at this as a Data Refinery, bulk data is processed as it flows in (complex event processing), the result or residue is a high quality small subset of all the data which is entered, the exceptions from all that is ok. The residue is then used as events which can be send to a Business administrator and systems administrator. Oracle provides the following technologies which can be used for this functionality. For the longer term we've known BI for a long time. But what is provided in the real/short term. For the short term data Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) has now been around for some years, and provides excellent insight, as well as graphically as with alerts. For the real time processing we had to program the event processing ourselves, but recently Oracle came up with Complex Event Processing (CEP) as a COTS product. This enables querying data on a data stream. Getting insight in a near real time data stream and do some cherry picking is still a new and under developed area and is an exciting area.

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