maandag 9 februari 2009

Aim for Stability Based Architecture (SBA)

Software Architecture is the art of translating Business needs into a suitable and working technical solution.
The same as in architecting and creating houses our sponsor expects that the product will be stable and last for quiete a time. Looking back in time we see that at the time of Cobol, applications were able to last more then 20 years (and even now exist, even after the retirement of their creators). But with the speed of new developments and the coming of hype driven development the application lifespan (or time that it gets outdated), is getting less and less. Java, among others, has got a bad reputation in this area, for instance Struts lasted some 2 to 3 years, after which you were the laugh of the year when you decided to choose Struts in your solution. SOA is another example, finally it paid of working with it, when somebody decided that SOA is dead and we have to run after the latest hype, Cloud computing. The half-time of a Software Architecture is getting shorter and shorter, and it happens too often that at the time of go-live we almost have to think about upgrading, because the version is almost outdated.
I'd like to propose a new architecture type, Stability Based Architecture (SBA), in which we aim for stable (core of the) application and add an expected life-time of the application. The core of the application should be stable and last for a long time, just like rock under pressure, it folds but doesn't break. Only then can we justify the costs of implementation.

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